6" Potted Bird's Nest Fern ~ Choose your container!

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Discover the natural elegance of the Bird's Nest Fern! With its lush, vibrant foliage and effortless maintenance, this botanical beauty brings a touch of green luxury to any space. Perfect for both novice and seasoned plant enthusiasts, its resilient nature thrives in various indoor environments. 

Choose from our old world, distressed cement container, our upscale and modern silver matte container or our classic white square container!

Our Bird's Nest Fern are easy to care for!  Place it in indirect light, keep the soil consistently moist but do not over water. Mist the leaves regularly to maintain humidity. Ensure good drainage and avoid direct sunlight. 

Details & Care

We work directly with many farms in North and South America to ship the freshest flowers. Every flower that arrives to us is important, so rest assured that we take extensive care of every single stem that we ship.  

By nature, each flower variety has its own vase life. For example, carnations or alstroemeria will last much longer than tulips or a calla lily. We believe that if the proper in-home treatments are done, your flowers can be enjoyed for as many days as possible.  

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