Corporate or Realtor Gifting

How do I order larger quantities?

Simply, fill out the easy form on our corporate gifting page. An expert from our studio will be in touch to answer your questions.

Shipping and Delivery

Will I be notified when my flowers are delivered?

Yes, you will be notified when flowers are delivered through an email confirmation from info@cultivateandbloom.com.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver 4 days a week, Tuesday - Friday.  You will see  the delivery date options when you place your order.

Can you deliver sooner anywhere in Texas?

Yes! If you are needing an earlier delivery than what you can select while placing the order, just select earliest date, email us at info@cultivateandbloom.com and we will let you know the soonest we can get it there. 

Can I deliver to a business location on Sunday?

Unfortunately, Our carrier will not deliver to any business on Saturday  or Sunday. 

Can you deliver to Canada or Mexico?

We currently do not deliver internationally. 

Can I pick up product locally?

Yes! If you are in San Antonio, Texas or surrounding communities, just give us a shout and we will have your product ready for you to pick up. You can also click on "local pick up" when placing your order. 

Our Product

Where are your flowers and plants sourced from?

Our focus is on sourcing the best of the best that each grower offers. We currently source from all over the world. Our primary focus is locally-sourced, so we always work with farmers in Texas, Florida, or other states, as well as surrounding North and South America.

We even look as far as Holland, the flower capital of the world, when we know the products cannot be found here.

Do you source from farms that practice sustainability?

Yes! We work with farms all over the world and in the United States that focus their priorities on social and economic development through fair trade practices and environmental programs through water management, recycling, and integrated pest management. We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the environment, as well as being socially responsible.

Care and Handling of Flowers and Plants

How do I care for my fresh flowers?

Prepare your container
Always use a clean vase (do not use metal) and fresh, cold tap water.

We have included our own Cultivate & Bloom flower food for you to use. Flower food not only provides nutrients for the flowers, it also acts as a PH regulator and helps to promote absorption of water. Please follow the instructions on the back of the Cultivate & Bloom flower food packet regarding volume of water.

Prepare your flowers

Fill a clean vase (do not use metal vases) with fresh, cold tap water. Stir in the flower food provided.   

Remove lower leaves which may fall below the water line in the vase. It is best to not remove the thorns of a rose, but if you need to, trim the tip of the thorns only. 

Cut at least 3/4 of an inch off the stem; 1-2 inches is best. Cut the stems with a sharp, clean knife or the Chikamasa cutters that are available on our website.  

Place your flowers immediately into your prepared vase. Keep away from drafts, direct sunlight, heaters, smoke, and the gasses of ripening fruits.  

Add fresh water and the same flower food when the water has decreased to about 1/3 of the height of the vase. Your flowers are thirsty and need water to thrive. Please check water levels daily.

Enjoy your flowers! 

Ongoing Care
Be careful where you place your bouquet! Flowers don’t like drafts, direct sunlight, proximity to a heater, smoke, or the gasses of ripening fruits.

Top up with fresh water and the same flower food when the water has decreased to about 1/3 of the height of the vase. It is also sometimes beneficial to completely rinse your vase, refill with fresh water & flower food, recut stems, and place in fresh water.

Do I need to cut the stems of the flowers?

Yes! If flowers are out of water, the stems tend to seal. Once sealed, the flowers will no longer drink water. Water is absolutely necessary to keep the stems and blooms alive. Since your flowers are arriving out of water, it is critical that you cut the stems with a sharp knife or our Chikamasa shears to avoid damaging the stem and place immediately into water. Rose stems tend to seal very quickly which is why you must cut and go straight to water source.

How do I care for my Orchid Plant?

Your phalaenopsis orchid is placed in a decorative pot, and inside they grow in clear plastic containers with drainage. Once a week take time to care for your phalaenopsis orchid.

Slide the plant with the grow pot from the decorative container and inspect the orchid’s roots. Healthy roots will be green and grey. Once they become greyish and the growing medium is dry it is ready for watering

Drench the roots at the base of the plant until all the roots are covered in water. Leave the plant dunked in water for one minute.

Then fully drain the plant for another two minutes. Water should not be dripping from the bottom, nor should it be sitting in an enclosed container holding water. Be sure to discard any residual water before returning the plant to the decorative container

Feed with a water-soluble fertilizer. Follow the instructions in the fertilizer package.

My Account

Can I change who I want the subscription to go to each time?

Yes, simply log into your customer portal and you can make the change. Remember that you will need to change it back or send to someone else after that shipment or it will remain going to the person you first changed it to.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes, you can postpone a delivery date.. Please either email us at info@cultivateandbloom.com and let us know prior to your billing or you can log into your customer portal and make the change there. 

How will I be billed?

You will be billed on the day the product ships. 

Contact Information

How can I contact you?

Please email us at info@cultivateandbloom.com.


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