Meet G&K

Meet Glenda and Kelly

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Meet G&K

Meet Glenda

Glenda Garza-Ledesma is an entrepreneur who is continuously seeking her next adventure. Trained as a Texas Master Florist, Glenda built a successful career in the floral industry operating her own floral business before joining Texas-based H-E-B Grocery as a Floral Team Leader in the Floral Marketing department.

With a solid foundation including 40 years of hands-on supervisory and managerial experience, Glenda’s passion for all things floral has resulted in her current business venture, Cultivate & Bloom.

Glenda is a creative person who enjoys the beauty that flowers bring to our world and is excited to share her love and passion for flowers with you!

Meet Kelly

Kelly’s passion for flowers started at the age of 15, when she started working at a local flower shop in Texas. Little did she know that start would catapult her into a lifelong career in the floral industry. 

After graduating with a marketing degree, Kelly began her career with several large retailers where she stayed close to her passion. First with Kroger, where she worked in one of their floral design centers eventually becoming a buyer in their corporate office. A few years later she joined H-E-B Grocery where she developed and led what is known as one of the premier floral programs in North America. As Director of Floral Marketing and Procurement, Kelly deepened her passion for flowers and plants. She spent time with farms all over the world and saw firsthand the breeding process, working directly with farms in Holland, South America, Florida, Texas, and California. She always made sure her customers had the freshest product grown. Kelly pioneered industry-changing initiatives such as the first Guaranteed Flower Vase Life. Always energetic and driven, Kelly decided it was time to step away from the retail side and began working with one of the largest potted plant growers to develop and launch new genetics of long-lasting hydrangeas. With that complete, and with many years of experience working with and loving flowers, she knew it was time to create and grow something new. 

How We Started

Remember 1977? We do! Two young gals, in different areas of Texas, began working in retail flower shops where they started developing their passion for flowers.

Fast forward to the 1990s where they each had taken a different, yet continuing, path of learning and developing their business skills. Glenda opened a retail flower shop, while Kelly joined the food and flower retail world upon graduating from college, working for Kroger and H-E-B Grocery. It was at H-E-B Grocery where their paths first crossed. The two worked together for a few years in the Floral Marketing department. Glenda eventually chose a different business path, while Kelly remained at H-E-B Grocery, developing their Floral and Texas Backyard programs.

Fast forward one more time to 2019 when a chance meeting brought the pair together and their conversations moved them to join forces, sharing their love and passion for flowers once again.

After many brainstorming sessions, research and planning, an online flower delivery shop was launched! With all the changes leading to our new reality in 2020, all roads confirmed that a better, fresher and more creative floral business would flourish in the e-commerce arena!

And so the journey began! Cultivate & Bloom is our way of sharing the joy of flowers with YOU!

We strive to bring you fresh, unique, and beautiful flowers and plants, and wonderful gifts for your home and your gift-giving needs!

Our amazing Hand-Tied Bouquets™ and carefully curated gift items will delight all of your family, friends, business associates, and loved ones.

What we CULTIVATE, we know will BLOOM for you in many ways!