About Our Unique Hand-Tied Process

All bouquets are designed using our Hand-Tied technique. Hand-Tying is a construction process achieved by placing each flower stem in a spiral pattern, next to each other and angled around a central flower. The flowers and greens are arranged evenly, supporting each stem's weight. The Hand-Tied design allows the “tied” bouquet to be carried, held, or placed in a vase without untying it. Finished, the Hand-Tied Bouquet stands alone when placed on a flat surface.    

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Blooms of the Week™

We love flowers! We love sourcing amazing stems from all over the world and absolutely love finding treasures that we can share with you. Each week we will feature those finds right here. Whether we make a Hand-Tied Bouquet™ for you or we find fabulous stems for you to arrange yourself, look no further! We are thrilled to share our favorites with you!


A Little About Us

In 2020, long-time friends Kelly Dertinger and Glenda Ledesma came together to dominate the global floral industry. With a powerful story to tell and flower joy to spread, Cultivate & Bloom was born. Specializing in Hand-Tied Bouquets™, Cultivate & Bloom brings expertly curated blooms into the hands of the floral novice and floral aficionado. Having both started in flower shops at 15 years old, Kelly and Glenda have a combined 80+ years of floral experience.

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