The Pink Floyd: Our Signature Rose and Why We Love It

The Pink Floyd: Our Signature Rose and Why We Love It

Roses are some of the most famous flowers in the world, and they’re also some of the most popular gifts for weddings, anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and other occasions. In addition, Pink Floyd is one of the most famous rock bands in history, which is why they’re the perfect namesake for this type of rose. The Pink Floyd rose is an eye-catching variation of the classic flower that you won’t see in every flower shop. Here’s what you should know about the Pink Floyd—our signature rose—and why we love it!

It’s the Color of Bubble Gum

As you can probably guess, the Pink Floyd rose has hot-pink petals. This color makes the rose distinct from other rose varieties, which usually come in white or classic red.

The meanings behind different kinds of roses vary, but pink roses typically symbolize elegance, femininity, and a sweet person. Since the Pink Floyd has a deeper color of pink, you can use it as a substitute for saying thank you to someone, as this color symbolizes appreciation and gratitude.

It’s 100% Natural

Flowers that come in bright neon colors sometimes earn their stripes through an artificial dyeing process. However, this is not true of the Pink Floyd, which naturally comes in a vibrant shade of pink. If you order a hand-tied bouquet delivery for your loved one, they’ll surely be “comfortably numb” if this flower is included.

It’s Affordable

Flower bouquets can vary in price based on their appearance and preparation. Thankfully, the Pink Floyd is a moderately priced rose, so there will be room for other gifts or activities in your budget if you’re trying to take someone out on a date. The Pink Floyd rose is a fantastic option for someone who is looking for the most bang for their buck in a flower bouquet.

Overall, there are many things to love about the Pink Floyd rose. So go ahead and consider purchasing a bouquet now that you know about the Pink Floyd (our signature rose) and why we love it!