The Houseplant Obsession!

The Houseplant Obsession!

Cultivate & Bloom Blog 9/10/21

During all the unforeseen changes over the last several seasons of life, people have taken up a newfound interest in design and home décor.  Investing in one’s personal space has taken center stage, whether it be a full interior overhaul, or a home office, we are all seeing the value in updating and beautifying our homes. 

Out of the most popular rising trends, one has withstood the ebbs and flows: HOUSE PLANTS!

PLANT SHOPPING, PLANTING, COLLECTING PLANTS, being a PLANT MOM or PLANT DAD…did we mention PLANTS? This has become its own sub-culture, and people of all ages are diving in.  Fresh flowers and plants are a cost-efficient and quick way to instantly brighten a space.  Out of all the varying plants you can own, orchids and ZZ plants are among the top champions due to their low-maintenance upkeep and versatility.



One of the main reasons we started our business is because we wanted to bring joy to people.  Flowers and plants have a way of instantly brightening your day.  You can’t help but smile when you’re holding one of our hand-tied bouquets, or seeing one of our orchids on your desk, or farm-fresh blooms in a beautiful vase on your kitchen countertop.

We know how busy everyone is these days, so we make plant and flower shopping convenient for you by our flower delivery offerings. 

We are an online flower company and can ship farm-fresh florals anywhere in the U.S. 

Farm-fresh plants and blooms at your fingertips, from the ease and convenience of your laptop!

Another offering we pride ourselves on is our flower subscription program.  For a minimal monthly amount, you receive fresh flowers at your leisure!  We remove the guess-work for you, so it’s one less thing on your to-do list!  Having fresh flowers in your home every month is an instant mood-lifter and a great way to update your space.

Visit our site for our plant and flower specials and offerings. 


Stay with us for more plant and flower inspiration! 


With Joy,

Cultivate & Bloom Crew