The Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Month

The Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Month

Spring is one of the most popular seasons for weddings because the blooming flowers serve as the perfect backdrop for a new beginning in someone’s life. However, no matter which season you got married in, you deserve to get flowers on your wedding anniversary.

In this guide, you will learn about the best wedding anniversary flowers by month so that you can tie in your anniversary gift with the season. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the most beautiful floral varieties.


Since Poinsettias are the birth flower of December, they are the perfect anniversary flower during the holiday season. Once you get into the new year, January’s flowers are carnations, which your partner will surely adore on your anniversary. Violets are the birth flower during February, and they make a great Valentine’s Day gift because they symbolize faithfulness, humility, and modesty.


As you move into spring, the Jonquil daffodil is the birth flower of March, and its white petals help convey the feeling of desire to your partner. Although April brings showers, you can also expect to receive a sweet pea flower if your anniversary falls during this month, symbolizing springtime bliss. Before the onset of summer, you might get lilies of the valley during May, which puts a capstone on the season by representing rebirth and new life.


One of the classic flowers of love is the birth flower for June: the rose. During the fourth of July, you can celebrate America’s founding and your anniversary with water lilies, which represent peace and balance in your relationship. The flowers of August are perennials, but more specifically, the Gladiolus, which means moral integrity, remembrance, and faithfulness.


September’s flower is the aster, and this anniversary flower has a royal purple hue that represents valor and wisdom. While things start to get a bit cooler during October, your relationship will heat up thanks to the Marigolds you should receive during your anniversary. Marigolds represent passion and the desire to succeed, two prerequisites to any long-term relationship.

Finally, November’s flowers are the Chrysanthemum, more commonly known as “mums.” These flowers represent loyalty and longevity in your relationship.

Overall, love knows no bounds, so you can have your wedding or anniversary during any month. Now that you know the best wedding anniversary flowers by month, hire an online flower delivery service to get them to you in time for your special date!