Keeping Christmas Greens Fresh for the Holidays

Keeping Christmas Greens Fresh for the Holidays

Flowers and other plants can prove to be quite fragile, wilting prematurely and losing their beauty before the holiday season ends. But you can rest assured that there are some methods for keeping Christmas greens fresh for the holidays. Ensure that your flowers will last into the new year, maintaining their bloom and aroma all the way through.

Start With Fresh, Local Greens

If you haven’t picked out your flowers already, you’ll need to start with a strong foundation. You never want to choose flowers that are visibly on their last legs, whether they have some wilting or other deterioration. Make sure to start with flora that has a strong green hue. This coloration shows that the plants are in the prime of their life.

You also want to consider getting flowers local to your area. These will have a much easier time surviving in your climate. On the other hand, exotic plants may not do so well. For example, getting some greens from California and keeping them during an Illinois winter may not be the best idea. While this isn’t absolutely necessary, it does make a flower’s upkeep significantly easier.

Don’t Forget To Mist Them

Once you have your flowers, you’ll need to spritz them with a fine mist of water now and again. If you live in a colder climate, you can get away with misting them every other day. However, if you’re in a warmer climate, you’ll need to give them a misting every day—maybe even twice a day if it’s exceedingly hot.

You don’t want to spray too much in one go, though. Instead, you must ensure you apply a very fine mist. If you have water droplets forming and falling to the ground, you’ll know you put too much water. Have the mist fine enough so that all the water clings to the plants. Spraying too much can often do more harm than good.

Keep Them Away From Heat and Sunlight

One of the most significant threats to your plants ironically comes from the sun. Many people think that direct sunlight is ideal, but that’s only true for plants in the ground. The sun can dry out your holiday greens, causing them to wilt early, become brittle, and decay before the season ends.

The same is true for warm air; you want to make sure you only expose them to cooler air. Leaving your greens in the direct path of warm air will dry them out just as quickly as leaving them in the sun.

Give the Gift of Flowers

Knowing how to keep your Christmas greens fresh for the holidays is a convenient skill to have. It’s also something you can pass on to others. You can allow your friends and family to enjoy their plants for as long as they can. Get gift plants online and share the beauty and sweet scents flora can bring.