How Much Water Should You Put In Your Vase?

How Much Water Should You Put In Your Vase?

After receiving a bouquet, it’s natural to want to preserve them for as long as you can. Maintaining the bloom and the sweet aromas is always ideal, but you need to know some basic care tips and how much water you should put in the vase. When you’re aware of what to do after you get your flowers, you’ll have them around for a lot longer.

Make Sure To Cut the Stems First

Before anything else, always cut off the end of your flowers’ stems. You want to make sure the flowers can suck up as much water as they need to, and older cuts may have trouble absorbing liquids.

When you cut the stem, you also need to cut it at an angle; making the cut straight across can cause some issues. When the cut is straight, the stem can sit flat on the vase’s bottom, blocking it from sucking in water. An angled cut will allow it to get water no matter the positioning.

Pour In the Right Amount of Water

After cutting your stems, you need to make sure you have enough water to sustain your flowers. Putting in too little water can make it difficult for them to suck it up, and you also run the risk of running dry early.

The amount of water depends on the vase itself; you’ll need to fill it up to about three-quarters of the way up the vase. This ensures your flowers have all the water they need to stay healthy and vibrant.

Remember To Change Your Water Periodically

Be aware of how long your water has been in the vase. All kinds of tiny microbes and bacteria can grow in a wet environment, and your vase is no different.

About every three days, you should refresh your vase with a clean source of water. Take out your bouquet, thoroughly clean the inside of the vase, and refill it with three-quarters of fresh water. This eliminates the threat of growing bacteria that can harm your flowers.

Take Care of Your Flowers

When you’re putting your flowers in a vase, make sure to take the necessary steps before, during, and after to ensure your bouquet thrives. Be aware of how much water you should put in your vase and whether you need to refresh your water.

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