How Flowers Positively Affect People’s Moods

How Flowers Positively Affect People’s Moods

Flowers are some of the best gifts someone can receive because they not only look beautiful but also improve a person’s mood in powerful ways. Flowers represent new beginnings due to their blooming petals and slow reveals, which are metaphors that motivate people to start fresh.

In this guide, you’ll learn how flowers positively affect people’s moods and which types of flowers you should choose to cheer someone up. With this in mind, let’s look at what the facts have to say about the ability of flower power to affect positivity.

What the Research Says

Major institutions are studying flowers to determine why and how flowers have such amazing mood-improving abilities. The University of North Florida’s Department of Public Health found that the perceived stress of women who received flowers as gifts dropped significantly after just five days. Other studies show that flowers connotate positive emotions as effective buffers against stress. Rutgers University carried out three separate studies related to flowers, and their results were startling.

In the first study, women showcased a Duchenne smile, or “true smile,” upon receiving flowers, meaning they experienced a rush of positivity. The second study showed that flowers are more effective at causing people to exhibit positive social behavior than pens, the other object used in the study. The last study showed that elderly individuals experienced improved memory and better moods when presented with flowers.

Why Some People Theorize That Flowers Can Boost Mood

Psychologists believe that floral attraction is due to an evolutionary strategy for seeking pleasure and improving memory. Pollen in the graves of Neanderthals suggested to researchers that flowers may have played roles in ancient burial rituals. Neanderthals may have used flowers because they smell great, look beautiful, and play important roles in ecosystems. All of these features made flowers effective tools for encouraging compassion among people.

Flowers That Are Best at Improving Mood

Tulips, roses, and daffodils are all fantastic choices if you’re trying to improve someone’s mood. However, don’t forget hydrangeas; their diverse array of colors are great for many occasions. Whether you want to use them for a wedding bouquet, place them in a centerpiece, or give corporate flower gifts for someone’s birthday, all these floral varieties are excellent for any of these purposes.

Overall, flowers are significant sources of positivity and beauty for virtually everyone. Now that you know how flowers positively affect people’s moods, what’s stopping you from purchasing some today?