3 Unique Flowers To Gift Someone This Valentine’s Day

3 Unique Flowers To Gift Someone This Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is coming, and your gift should be too! This Valentine’s Day, why not try and spice things up by choosing a flower type that is as unique as your date?

If you’re not sure which ones to look for, we have you covered. Here are three unique flowers to gift someone this Valentine’s Day.

Fringed Tulips

Although tulips are one of the most popular types of flowers, you can put a new spin on an old favorite by opting for fringed tulips instead of the Dutch ones we know and love.

Fringed tulips are similar to their Dutch counterparts; however, the petals have fringes that give them a more elegant appearance. Tulips of any type are a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift, but you can dazzle your date with this flower because it shows that you think outside the box.


Giving your date orchids as a gift will show your loved one that you are willing to go the extra mile for gift ideas. This type of flower contains powerful ancient symbolism because it used to signify royalty, beauty, and love. Men would present orchids as gifts to the fairest women during the Victorian era to win their hearts.

One of the most elegant orchids is white phalaenopsis orchids, which symbolize innocence and purity. They are also safe for people with allergens because orchid pollen won’t become airborne.

Finally, if your date has an unruly pet that eats through things on accident, phalaenopsis orchids are among the safest flowers for pets. You can order these with fresh bouquet delivery if you’re worried about damaging them on their way back from the shop.


Lilacs are an age-old symbol of love dating back to ancient Greece. In ancient Greek mythology, Pan, the god of forests and fields, invents the first pan pipe out of a lilac shrub because it resembled hollow reeds.

The lilac means different things to various cultures and time periods, but it has retained its association with love and romance for centuries. Back in the Victorian era, lilacs reminded people of lost love, making them a popular garment for widows.

Also, there are many different meanings associated with each lilac color. For example, though white lilacs represent pure intentions and innocence, magenta lilacs symbolize passion and romance. Light purple lilacs symbolize someone’s first love, violet ones are for spiritual purposes, and blue lilacs represent tranquility, peace, and happiness.

Overall, flowers are one of the best gives you can give someone on Valentine’s Day. Now that you know three unique flowers to gift someone this Valentine’s Day, go ahead and purchase the ones that will create life-long memories.