Fresh Eucalyptus & Dried Lavender Bundle

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Stepping into a hot shower can help release all the tension you’ve gathered after a long, stressful day. Now imagine breathing in deep to a minty, earthy aroma as it mixes with the steam—a distinctive scent that could only derive from eucalyptus and lavender!

When you hang our fresh eucalyptus and dried lavender bundle in the shower, the steam releases the essential oils of the eucalyptus and lavender plants, which can aid in stress relief and upper respiratory issues.

When you need to relax, give our fresh eucalyptus and dried lavender bundle a try.

Details & Care

We work directly with many farms in North and South America to ship the freshest flowers. Every flower that arrives to us is important, so rest assured that we take extensive care of every single stem that we ship.  

By nature, each flower variety has its own vase life. For example, carnations or alstroemeria will last much longer than tulips or a calla lily. We believe that if the proper in-home treatments are done, your flowers can be enjoyed for as many days as possible.  

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About Our Unique Hand-Tied Process

All bouquets are designed using our Hand-Tied technique. Hand-Tying is a construction process achieved by placing each flower stem in a spiral pattern, next to each other and angled around a central flower. The flowers and greens are arranged evenly, supporting each stem's weight. The Hand-Tied design allows the “tied” bouquet to be carried, held, or placed in a vase without untying it. Finished, the Hand-Tied Bouquet stands alone when placed on a flat surface.    

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